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Immigration Services
Our practice is focused on making the immigration process experience as easy as possible for our clients. We know that no matter what your reason is for needing an immigration attorney, you are feeling tense and anxious. So, we work with you to explain the process and use our knowledge to move as quickly and expeditiously as possible.
Naturalization and Citizenship
A lawful permanent resident (green card holder) may apply for naturalization up to 90 days prior to the date on which he or she meets all of the requirements for naturalization. For most people, becoming a U.S. citizen is recommended due to the numerous benefits it provides.

Waivers, Removal, and Deportation
In the United States, undocumented aliens have several rights that he or she needs to be familiar with and assert. Let us show you your options to protect you rights? And what to do if a notice is served.
TEL: (718) 205-5335
FAX: (718) 247-7380
TEL: (718) 205-5335
FAX: (718) 247-7380
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TEL: (718) 205-5335
FAX: (718) 247-7380
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